First make sure all requirements are met:
  • Java 1.7 or higher
  • Eclipse, at least version 3.7
  • optionally Microsoft .NET 2.0 is required if you intend to run some of the analyses for .NET systems
  • optionally Graphviz for graph visualization

Then add the ConQAT Update Site to your Eclipse: 
The current URL can be found here: 

Use Help -> Install new Software -> Add to add the update site. 
Make sure to disable the group items by category checkbox to display the plugins.

Now install all available plugins. 

Next download the ConQAT Engine distribution from here: and extract the the contained files to a folder.

Now setup the ConQAT Plugin to find the downloaded ConQAT Distribution:
Use Window -> Preferences -> ConQAT to navigate to the settings Dialog. Now select the "New..." Button and add a new Bundle Collection, by specifying the path to the bundles folder in the ConQAT engine distribution.

Save the settings and press the Build Model button to check if everything is working correctly. If no error appears, you are setup correctly.