This solution will explain how to create a project using a Microsoft Team Foundation Server hosted with Visual Studio Online.

1. Enable Alternate Credentials in Visual Studio Online

To be able to use the TFS Server with Teamscale, you need to enable Alternate Authentication Credentials. You can find this setting by clicking on your User in the upper right corner, selectiing "My Profile" and then navigating to the credentials tab. It should look similar to the screenshot below:

Please remember these credentials as they will be needed for the access with Teamscale.

2. Add credentials to Teamscale

In Teamscale under Admin -> Settings add new Account Credentials.

As URL, use the full URL to your Visual Studio Online TFS Default Collection. It should look similar to:

Now enter your newly created (alternate) user credentials as user and password.

3. Create new Teamscale Project

Now create a new Teamscale Project and add a Team Foundation Server connector. Select the newly created authentication credentials and add the path to your project as Path Suffix. It should look similar to this:


Your connector should look something like this:

Now click "Create Project" and wait for your code to be analyzed. In the activity perspective you should be able to track the analysis progress. Have fun!